Tattoo Armrest TA-Small Extra, White
Tattoo Armrest TA-Small Extra, White
Tattoo Armrest TA-Small Extra, White
Tattoo Armrest TA-Small Extra, White
Tattoo Armrest TA-Small Extra, White
Tattoo Armrest TA-Small Extra, White

Tattoo Armrest Workshop

Tattoo Armrest TA-Small Extra, White

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TA-SMALL EXTRA - is our smallest tattoo armrest. Good stability and maximum portability :) A great option for small studios and fast projects! Handmade in Poland at Tattoo Armrest Workshop 😉

We know what you need for comfortable work! Here are the main benefits for you:

  • Your back will be less tired - the angle and height of the pillow can be adjusted for you in a couple of seconds, and thanks to the strong steel frame, you can lean on the armrest with your full
  • Better hand comfort - The pillow’s soft edges will not dig into your arms or your clients' armpits during long sessions.
  • Lifetime warranty - buy quality equipment once and forget about additional costs. We give our armrest frames a lifetime warranty as they are handcrafted from durable steel (no plastic) to last forever!
  • More variety - the new pillows are made of cool expensive latex, so they look stylish. In addition, you can choose two colour options - black and white. Our new glossy armrests will brighten up your workplace :)
  • Get it ASAP - we ship worldwide via airmail (FedEx, DHL), so no long waits or foreign postal Bonus for buyers from the US and the EU - no duties 😃



  • pillow size: 35×25сm (13.8"×9.8"), 
  • height and tilt adjustment, 
  • metal frame with fantastic powder painting, 
  • height: min 70— max 115 cm (27,5"–45.3"), 
  • frame base size 50cm (19.6 "), metal 4 mm,
  • weight 10 kg

WARNING! Use only non-aggressive medical disinfectants that are not toxic to human skin when cleaning your tattoo armrest. Do not use harsh cleaners, such as those used to disinfect a tattoo machine or medical instrument. Do not use industrial or household solvents. Aggressive cleaning agents can damage the pillow or paint! Always use a protective cover or film when tattooing. We do not guarantee that the armrest surface will resist all cleaning products, so please test them before use.  ------ We recommend using disinfectant wipes (such as OPTIM1 or similar) that do not contain alcohol and are non-toxic to human skin.


Please note that buyers outside the EU and the US may have to pay customs duties.


We have an airmail shipping option. It is very fast - 3-7 days worldwide. Bonus for buyers from the US and the EU - no duties😃 (sorry Canadians, but your customs charges duties at 10-15%)

Our pillows are made from medical grade vinyl. They are resistant to most common disinfectants and medical acids. But aggressive cleaners designed to disinfect hard surfaces (acrylic, glass, plastic, steel, tiles) can damage the pillow! Yes, even if you have "used this cleaner for a hundred years" or "everyone I know uses it".

NO. There are a lot of "similar" products on the market (hell, just like in any other field🙄). But we don't give a damn about it. Seriously, you can make the same armrest in your garage if you want. We do not mind (we can even share our experience). But it's always a question of quality or price. The same about "similar" stores. It's up to you. Just check sellers carefully before buying 😉

Sure! We have tons of reviews on our Instagram page (with links to real tattoo artists). Check them out if you have any doubts - @tattoo_armrest. Our armrests do the job perfectly + they are super cool! 😎