Hi, hi! Do you want to know more about us? Well, we are Ukrainian guys from Poland who make cool tattoo armrests. Actually, that's why we are Tattoo Armrest Workshop :) My name is Alex and I have a small team of friends here.

Our workshop was founded in the city of Zaporizhzhia (Ukraine) back in 2010. Initially, we specialized in the manufacture of industrial furniture and tools. Our customers were mainly local factories, other enterprises and various self-employed professionals, who needed expensive and high-quality products (which we produced). Unfortunately, in 2014 our country was attacked by an evil neighbor and a deep economic crisis began. Demand for industrial goods plummeted, so we had to look for another niche.

These searches led us to tattoo armrests :) But not right away. Over the next few years, we made various custom products - metal fences, office furniture for coworking centers, electrical switchboards, and even trash cans. Luckily we had a lot of experience and European markets were open to us. So there were enough orders, which is good, but we always wanted something else. Developing our own brand, improving our product, honing our craft, and finally listening to the appreciative feedback from our customers - that's what we needed.

We realized this when we helped one of our former colleagues. He also changed his niche and started a tattoo business in our hometown. It turned out that it was very difficult to find high-quality furniture for tattoo artists in our country (at best it was IKEA, but more often Aliexpress). So he and his friends turned to us for help. These guys ordered several shelves, a couple of tables and about a dozen simple tattoo armrests of various shapes and sizes from us. We did not receive drawings or any clear technical specifications (as is usually the case in industrial production). The tattoo artists simply told us about their wishes and the shortcomings of ordinary furniture.

Damn, it was only then that we realized what a difficult job these guys are doing! Not everyone can create a masterpiece while sitting in one position for several hours, bending over a client. Our respect to all tattoo artists, you are doing a truly phenomenal job.

We wanted to help our clients and we knew we could do it. A few days my friends and I spent in theoretical discussions, and then a few more days, experimenting in the workshop. “Need comfort to reduce stress on the back…height adjustment, angle adjustment…damn, too many moving parts and connections but we need a lightweight and compact design…but the armrest also needs to be strong and stable, not like that plastic s** t from the mass market…what about customer comfort? the edge of the pillow should not press under his arm ... the pillow should be soft. Yes, soft and huge!...won't this thing fall apart?” That's how it was, in short :) 

For about a week we were engaged in the manufacture of one experimental armrest, but it was not in vain. Our customers were very satisfied! After a couple of weeks, other tattoo artists in our area began to contact us. And a little later from other cities. 

So, that's how we got to where we are now. A small company founded by professional engineers and old friends. We make cool tattoo armrests and make life easier for tattoo artists. That's who we are and what we do :)