TA Workshopのタトゥーアームレストは、とてもクールなデザインかつ、組み立てがとても簡単で、自分好みにカスタマイズできるのが魅力です。しかしもちろん、ご自身では難しいという方向けに、こちらで組み立て方法を紹介いたします。

読む 組み立てガイド 2 分 組み立てガイド(TA EXTRA)

Assembly guide (TA-LARGE & MEDIUM) instruction

Package Included:

#1 Huge super comfortable pillow LARGE size x 1pcs
#2 T-legs x 2pcs
#3 Upper legs x 2pcs
#4 Lower (male) spacer х1pcs, and round head nuts x2pcs
#5 Upper (female) spacer х1pcs
#6 Semicircular metal ears x 2pcs
#7 Custom handwheels x 4pcs
#8 Eccentric clamps х 2pcs
#9 Self-tapping screws for mounting a pillow x 8pcs
#10 Excellent screwdriver and wrench


How to assemble a tattoo armrest from TA Workshop?

1. Connect the two T - legs (#2) using the lower (male) spacer (#4). Secure the structure with round-headed nuts.


2. Connect the two upper legs (#3) using the upper (female) spacer (#5).


3. Insert the upper legs into the lower legs


4. Place the (#6) metal ears (with the fixing plate inward) on the left and right sides of the upper legs (#3). Secure them in the middle with handwheels (#7).


5. (left and right) Insert the eccentric clamp (#8) into the slot in the ears and the second hole on the upper legs.


6. Screw the handwheels (#7) into the nut holes on the front of the T - legs.


7. Prepare a super cool pillow (#1)! Turn the pillow and armrest upside down. Place the armrest flat with the ears on the pillow. Align the armrest.


8. Attach the armrest ears to the pillow using self-tapping screws (we'll give you a cool screwdriver (#10), but it's better to use a cordless screwdriver if you have one).


9. Using the eccentric clamp, adjust the angle of the pillow. Lift the pillow and secure the upper legs to the desired height using the handwheels on the T - legs (front).


10. Tighten all handwheels. Done! Your super tattoo armrest with XXL super pillow is ready to go!