A new batch of TA-Large Old Style is already in production! We expect first shipments at the end of June 2024. Pre-order now at a special price and be the first to receive the new armrests!

Designed for tattoo artists!

If you take one young engineer with friends and add one tattoo artist with a tired back to them, you will get ... BOOM ... specialized armrests for tattoo artists!

So, if you are a tattoo artist, grab our armrest! Your back will thank you very much! And your clients will also feel comfortable on our LARGE oversized pillows. Plus, our armrests are of excellent quality and look really cool, by the way. In short, we know what you need 😉


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Our Collections won't read it anyway


Our pillows are made from medical grade vinyl. They are resistant to most common disinfectants and medical acids. But aggressive cleaners designed to disinfect hard surfaces (acrylic, glass, plastic, steel, tiles) can damage the pillow! Yes, even if you have "used this cleaner for a hundred years" or "everyone I know uses it".

We have an airmail shipping option. It is very fast - 3-7 days worldwide. Bonus for buyers from the US and the EU - no duties😃 (sorry Canadians, but your customs charges duties at 10-15%)

NO. There are a lot of "similar" products on the market (hell, just like in any other field🙄). But we don't give a damn about it. Seriously, you can make the same armrest in your garage if you want. We do not mind (we can even share our experience). But it's always a question of quality or price. The same about "similar" stores. It's up to you. Just check sellers carefully before buying 😉

We do not print assembly instructions. It's not eco-friendly! But we have it on our website in the INSTRUCTIONS section (surprising, isn't it?)

Oh no, that's not cool. But do not worry! Just get in touch with us, and we will send you the missing parts ASAP (at our own expense). It is also advisable to send us a photo of all the parts you received so that we can check for sure what is missing.

NO. We are Ukrainians, but we have lived and worked in Poland for a long time (we moved before the war). So we don't have any problems with shipments.

At the same time, we continue to support our homeland by donating part of the profits. Слава Україні!


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